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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My painted chair & plant pot..........................

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all keeping well,
I'm sorry to have to tell you I've been diagnosed with depression.......
I couldn't go to class today,
As secretary to the Crafty Crafters group,
I've booked a 49 seater coach to Harrogate,
But I wont be going....

I'm posting these photo's of a furniture painting class 
I attended several weeks ago....
(This is where I suffered a bad cut to my head)

Putting the finishing touches to a chair,
I primed it, Then painted & waxed It....
Then the final touch was to sand it, To give a distressed look....
I didn't have the DISTRESSED look at the time.............

This is a plant pot I started painting at the class,

I didn't like it, So I decided to finish It at home,
I gave it a Crackled effect.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog,
I really appreciate your support,
I will be posting when ever I can.....
I'm so sorry if I haven't visited your blog lately....

Lots & Lots of love,
Sylvia X 


  1. These look fabulous and loving the crackle on the plant pot.
    Linda xxx

  2. Hi Sylvia, love the plant pot and bet the chair looks lovely too! You take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon. Love Jean xxx

  3. Hello beautiful, Your chair is stunning, you can come round and do mine, lol. The pot looks fabulous, love the crackled effect,
    I hope they find the right medicine for you but remember it takes 6-8 weeks to start working, Love you loads beautiful and I am only at the end of the phone or Facebook if you need me, Big hugs and kisses xxxxxx

  4. So sorry to hear you aren't well - positive thoughts and prayers winging their way to you!
    Love your chair and your crackled plant pot too. Hope to see you again on here soon.
    Take carexx

  5. Ho Sylvia, That chair is great i've been meaning to do one for ages but can't seem to get started. The plant pot is fab also. Take care of yourself. Sending you lots of hugs and love. xXx

  6. Fabulous work on the chair and the finished plant pot is amazing, take care.

    Sylv xx

  7. Sorry to hear you're poorly Sylvia! Take good care of yourself!
    I love your plant pot! The crackle effect is fantastic!
    Big Hugs
    Dawn xx

  8. Hi Sylvia, sorry you are having problems with your health, and hope your GP can organize some medication that will help.
    Your chair and Pot are fabulous, love the crackle look of your pot.
    Janet xxx

  9. Brillinat oh gorgeous one xx Jan

  10. You did a fab job Sylvia, I hope you can get help to get the depression under control, I know how it feels and frequently suffer from panic attacks and a fear of going out as a result of it. Counselling helped me a lot and CBT. It can often come on after a trauma and you really have been going through a lot lately. Sending you lots of hugs xxx

  11. Hi Sylvia I love the chair and the pot you have created. I am sorry to hear about your depression I hope you get the help that you need. Hugs Jackie

  12. Your projects are lovely Sylvia. I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis and hope you can find ways to cope. Big hugs xx

  13. Fantastic projects for you home Sylvia, I am sorry about your diagnosis my friend, and if you ever need a and hugs xxx

  14. Oh Sylvia sorry to here about your illness, take care we are all rooting for you, your work is great love the pot. Big hugs, Jennifer xx😍

  15. Sorry you poorly Sylvia love the chair and pot ,xxx

  16. The chair looks great love the pot crackle look, sorry to here yuor not well hope your back to yourself soon. hugs. <3 xxx

  17. ooow sorry to hear you are not well . love your projects . love the crackle too

  18. Both look fab, especially love the crackles. Hugs to not feeling great, make sure you look after yourself and get the right medication for you. I suffer too and am on quite a high dose at moment, but it has definitely helped me even if I still struggle some days, hugs xxx